Butterfly House

Islington, London


We were invited by Material Creative Design to work on a project with them for a home in North London. We were asked to fabricate Hi-Macs worktops with coved/moulded wall cladding and floating shelves.


Hi-Macs Ispani


We started by completing a site visit, here we templated the units to get the exact shape of the worktops. Using plunge saws, routers and orbital sanders we manufactured all of the components to be joined together seamlessly on site. Fabricating in this way enables us to leave the dust in the workshop and not on site.


The worktops, wall cladding and shelves were brought to the site, joined where necessary and given a final polish.

Photo Credit: The Dhaus Company

Untitled design - 2
Untitled design - 3
Untitled design - 4
Untitled design - 5
Untitled design - 1

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